Calendula Avocado Honey Soap 金盞酪梨蜜皂

Moon Soap

Calendula Avocado Honey Soap 金盞酪梨蜜皂

成份:金盞花浸萃油 酪梨油 米糠油 椰子油 棕櫚油 金盞花瓣 蜂蜜 水 氫氧化鈉


All natural ingredients suitable for all skin types (including sensitive and eczema skin): Calendula oil, Avocado oil, Rice bran oil, Coconut oil,
Palm oil, Calendula pedals, Honey, Water, NaOH

To use:
1.Wet hands with water
2.Rub soap with palms
3.Message skins with hands
4.Rinse with water

To store:
Keep at the cool dry place & do not contact with water when not in use.
May keep in the refrigerator for storage.

Handmade with all natural ingredients. It is normal if the color or texture appear uneven.  
All packings are eco-friendly materials.