Cosset Lingzhi & Cordyceps Formula Soft Chews for Dogs 靈芝蟲草犬用肉粒配方

Cosset Lingzhi & Cordyceps Formula Soft Chews for Dogs 靈芝蟲草犬用肉粒配方

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  • 結合靈芝與蟲草尚藥精粹,配合高端的提煉技術及嚴謹的生產流程,確保靈芝與蟲草內的有效成份能充份保存
  • 針對犬隻腸道分解能力及吸收特性研製,確保犬隻能全面吸收靈芝與蟲草內中有效成份
  • 精挑美國出產的雞胸肉,再經精密儀器進行低溫烘培,製成肉粒劑形,方便主人餵飼
  • 成份採用單一蛋白、低卡路里、不含人工色素、穀物及麩質,長期服用不會致肥,適合1歲以上或腸胃敏感的犬隻服食
  • 100%美國製造


  • 1. 改善氣喘,呼吸系統問題
  • 2. 提升免疫力,減少疾病
  • 3. 強化肝臟解毒機能
  • 4. 促進新陳代謝,改善毛囊健康及延緩毛褪色
  • 5. 強腎補肺、舒緩尿頻、失禁
  • 6. 安神、緩和情緒
  • 7. 强化心臟功能


  • 適合一歲以上或挑食的犬隻食用
  • 一歲以下亦可食用,但必須將肉粒弄碎及混入狗糧中

非活性 - 乾燥雞肝、雞肉粉、馬鈴薯粉、甘油、甘蔗糖蜜、馬鈴薯澱粉、卵磷脂、鹽、瓜爾豆膠

活性 - 靈芝、冬蟲夏草(靈芝及蟲草多醣不低於20%)

Product Features

Pioneering Soft Chew Formula for Easy Feeding

The formula was developed in a research center in the United States, customized for dogs’ intestines and absorption ability. It is composed of 6 species of Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) in total and Cordyceps marinated with carefully selected chicken breast from America. It uses low temperature baking in a special instrument for the

soft chew formula to ensure the preservation of the active ingredients with full absorption. The soft chew formula can effectively enhance the palatability for easy feeding.

Suitable for Dogs with Sensitive Digestive System

The formula is compiled with a single protein source and low calories. It has no artificial coloring, grain, gluten and ethoxyquin. Most importantly it will not cause overweight problems in long-term usage and is absolutely suitable for dogs who are over 1-year-old with a sensitive digestive system.

Active Ingredients
Lingzhi & Cordyceps (contains not less than 20% polysaccharides)
Major Inactive Ingredients
Chicken liver, salmon oil