Granoderma Spore & Cordyceps formula for Senior Cat 靈芝孢子蟲草老年貓專用配方

Granoderma Spore & Cordyceps formula for Senior Cat 靈芝孢子蟲草老年貓專用配方

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老年貓專用配方於GMP國際認證的廠房生產,確保生產及品質安全可靠,保證不含有害物質。而且產品還通過SGS測試,絕不含農藥、重金屬、微生物、品質絕對有保證。 並且本產品以純天然靈芝子實體取萃,絕無咖啡因、抗生素、類固醇等其他西藥成份,更無添加人造色素、防腐劑、安定劑或抗氧化劑等化學物質。





Product Features

Powder Formula (Capsule) for Easy Absorption

For cats having difficulties in oral administration of capsules, owners can open the capsule and mix the medicinal powder with food or water for easy feeding and absorption of the essence of Cracked Ganoderma Spore and Cordyceps.

No Meat and Bone Meal

Product formula for senior cats does not contain any meat and bone meal to avoid breeding and spreading of bacteria including mad cow disease and to maintain the proportion of active ingredients in the formula.

GMP Certified Product

Product formula for senior cats is manufactured under the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards to guarantee product safety and reliability. It has no hazardous substances, fertilizers, heavy metals and microbes. It also obtained safety certificate from recognized testing laboratory SGS (HK) Ltd. The product purely contains natural Lingzhi extracts, so it has no western medicine such as caffeine, antibiotics, steroids. There is no such chemical substances as artificial coloring, preservatives, sedative and antioxidants added.

Product Ingredients

Active Ingredients

Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, cordyceps polysaccharides, triterpenoids, cordycepin, cordyceps acid and adenosine